About us

Our company

Wazobiaexpress is an Online retail service based in Nigeria that is owned by Wazobiaenterprise. Launched in 2014, we aim to create an online presence for small businesses in Nigeria and other locations who may not have the financial capacity to create their website. We hope to connect buyers and sellers and restore trust and sincerity in e-commerce through effective inspection of sellers and products. We aspire to be the most visited e-commerce website in Nigeria. 

We want to encourage small business owners by connecting them to customers all over the world. 

At Wazobiaexpress, sellers are independent and use our platform to offer products to buyers.

With competitive pricing strategy along with advanced marketing and excellent customer service, we believe, we can make our business one of the most successful online business in the near future. We strive to be a good speciality on-line retailer inspiring people to buy and use our products to improve their lifestyles while creating a world-class business model. Our key goal is to make it easy for small business owners to do business anywhere.